Myth: Water is necessary in a urinal to flush down the #PeePee. Without water, urinals would stink.
Fact: #PeePee is 95% water and can flow down the urinal by itself. #PeePee reacts with water to produce Ammonia which is responsible for the smell.

This myth alone is costing us 2-4 liters of water for every use and spoiling our restrooms, while at it. The dampness in urinals offers favourable environment for microbes & air-borne infections. Plus, the water used for flushing urine increases volume of sewage generated in cities.

We want to save this water and create an odor-free #PeePee experience.

Zerodor Urinal Traps and Waterless Program

Zerodor Urinal Traps

Zerodor Waterless Urinals remove odor and turn your restrooms into a clean, hygienic place that you cannot stop showing off.

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Waterless Urinal Program

The waterless urinal program kit has 4 bacterial cultures that keep your restroom healthy and safe without using any water at all.

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Learn How Waterless Urinal Works

#PeePeeTalk — How do Waterless Urinals Work?

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Shifting to Water Less Urinals Just Got Easier

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Step by Step Guide: Install Zerodor Urinal Traps

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