“Why do you say that urinating in open and public place is a problem? I can understand defecation in open creates health problem but urine is primarily water and urea as we know and it dries and seeps in the ground. So why not?”

Many of us have these similar questions in our mind and the answer to such argument is simple. In urban, rural or any other scenario, the volume of need to urinate is very large. Because of social pressures and security reasons, women embrace to hold on till they get a private place to use but, men, due to the anatomical advantage, does not refrain. Once you start urinating in a place, it becomes a place designated to urinate. The urine streaks keep on flowing around till they dry.

Some common observations :

  1. It’s not a pleasant site for the people passing by to see someone urinating in the open.
  2. The urine mixes with dirt and dust to form a muddy place and starts spreading around creating a marshy island.
  3. The area becomes breeding ground for bacteria and flies.
  4. You walk over to use the same places and toil your shoe soles with the dirt to bring it in to your vehicle, homes and offices.
  5. The urine flowing on the wall and ground does not have a definite path to flow so it spreads across anywhere it can flow.

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Providing a urinal in a public place can be very complex. Challenges like plumbing connection for water flushing, Drainage system etc adds to the complexity.

Zerodor powered Waterless Urinal Kiosks handles all these challenges and complexities in a very simple and natural way.

These Kiosks do not need load bearing structure and can be made out of Bamboo walls, low weight outdoor material like MoTo panels with square bar frames, honey comb structure and plenty of other locally available sustainable materials. Use of these materials makes the construction simple and modular and reduces the time to construct these urinals. The light weight and modular nature of these structures facilitates the ease of handling and transportation.

These Kiosks are fitted with the innovative Zerodor mechanisms which makes it odour free and water free which in turn eliminates the need of any water flushing connections. The urine from these Waterless Urinals can also be collected and injected to the roots of the plants nearby these structures. This process takes care of the disposal of urine and are very much suitable for places where it is difficult to have the provision of drainage lines.

No water plumbing required

Installation of Zerodor eliminates the need of water plumbing connections.

No drainage line required

Onsite utilization and recycling of urine eliminates the need of drainage connection.

Ideal for open spaces

Suitable for Parks, Gardens and Public Places.

Urine utilization at source

Urine is harvesting using drip irrigation makes it possible to utilize urine at source.