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Odo Care Fresh
(An Organic Room and Toilet Freshener – Deodorizer)

 300.00  199.00

Available in 500 ml

Short description
  • Organic fragrance derived from natural organic essential oils.


  • Odo CARE is completely soluble and highly effective odor neutralizer.
  • ODO CARE FRESH contains a blend of nonpathogenic microorganisms and free enzymes that produce an enzyamatic activity to degrade organic matter.
  • Odo CARE has a unique formulation that provides instant binding of odor-causing molecules and destruction of these molecules in a single application.
  • For experiencing the odor control and fresh smell for longer duration it is recommended to spray on upholstery and wall surfaces instead of spraying it in the air.
  • One has to spray the product on upholstery, curtains, bedding storage, corners of urinals, outside surfaces of western WC pans to eliminate bad odor.
  • This product contains natural fragrance and hence will give mild fragrance continuously when sprayed on surfaces.

Application Note

  • Mix contents well. Test an inconspicuous area for color fastness if being used on carpets, upholstery or fabric. Apply as a direct spray, not as an atomizer.

Safety Instruction

  • May cause irritation on prolonged or repeated skin contact.
  • As with all surface active chemicals, care should be taken to avoid prolonged skin contact.Keep away from the contact of children.


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(An Organic Room and Toilet Freshener – Deodorizer)