Modular Toilet Solutions

Urinal Kiosks

Zerodor powered Waterless Urinal Kiosks offer a clean and hygienic way to #PeePee in public. It doesn’t require plumbing connections and the drainage can be routed to the plants nearby.

These urinal kiosks make for excellent on-site sanitation facilities for new construction sites and public areas like parks.

TRC Toilets

Modular Toilets are helping India become #OpenDefecationFree. These toilets are made by Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) and house a toilet for #Poo, urinals for #PeePee and wash-basins.

No plumbing required

Installation of Zerodor eliminates the need of water plumbing connections.

No drainage line required

Onsite utilization and recycling of urine eliminates the need of drainage connection.

Ideal for open spaces

Suitable for Parks, Gardens and Public Places with plants and trees nearby.

Urine utilization at source

Urine is harvesting using drip irrigation makes it possible to utilize urine at source.

#StopOpenDefecation: Install a Modular Toilet Now.