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Water Abundance | Improved Health & Hygience | Circular Economy

The Mission and Values @ Ekam


Stop the Flush

In a year, every modern flush urinal uses enough water that can quench the thirst of 14 families in Rajasthan for the complete year.

Pay Ecological Debt

Ekam is Unity & Oneness, in Sanskrit. It’s okay to milk mother nature. But we must take care of what we have. Hence, it essential we rejuvenate the well we borrow from.

Minimize Sewage

29,000 Million Liters of waste generated by Municipal waste water systems can provide fertilizers for the agricultural sector.

Nothing is Waste

What is useless to one, can be food to other. For example, human #PeePee is excellent for growing tomatoes in your garden. We wish to put the nutrients in human waste to good use.

Make Cleaning Safe

Chemical based cleaning agents are “carcinogenic”. Why should we still use them when organic cleaning solutions work?

Design for Simplicity

Learning from Nature is important to us. It teaches us simplicity, unison and frugality. Doing more with less. We aspire to create green products that are easy to use.

Culture @ Ekam


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