Organic Cleaning Solutions for Tomorrow's Restrooms

Waterless Urinal Program for Urinals Without Waste Coupling. The kit has 4 bacterial cultures that keep your restroom healthy and safe without using any water at all.

CARE for the Urinal Strainer

A good Waterless Urinal Program begins with the pan, the source of #PeePee odor. If your water supply has hard water, the problem is way worse. Urinal Care Bio Block is a biodegradable solution that works with all kinds of urinals. It contains active micro-organisms and a blend of cleaning, water softening & odor eliminating agents. It eliminates odor, prevents blockage and saves water.

CARE for the Urinal Pan

The Urinal Care Bio Block covers the area around the area #PeePee falls. However, stains and splashes in other areas of the pan can also cause odor. Restroom Care is a biologically advanced natural deep cleaner to help you clean all types of urinal pans.

CARE for Restroom Floor

The restroom odor does not occur only in and around pans. Any part of the restroom that doesn't receive adequate air and light, can help bacteria grow. Odo Care Fresh Program deep cleans the pores of surfaces, degrades residual organic matter and eliminates odor by destroying the source.

CARE for the Drain

There is still a part of the restroom that we didn't cover yet - the urinal drain. Small traces of oil and grease can accumulate in the drainage lines which cannot be washed away even with water. Drain Care's biological solution acts on the micro-organisms in the drain and destroys all chances of your restroom smelling bad. The natural solution does NO damage to the drain pipes.

How to Use Care Solutions


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