Care Organic Solutions are Green Pro Certified now.

CII – IGBC GreenPro is a product certification which helps an environmentally conscious customer to make an informed choice to buy eco-friendly products. GreenPro is a mark of guarantee that the product which bears the GreenPro label is environment friendly throughout its life cycle. GreenPro ultimately empowers a customer with the knowledge of the product and steer towards sustainable products. Learn more about Green Pro here.

For Restrooms

  • Biodegradable solution for all Urinals & Toilets.
  • Contains active micro organisms and blend of cleaning, water softening & odor eliminating agents.
  • Eliminates odor, cleans, prevents blockages and saves water.

  • Restroom care is a biologically advanced natural deep cleaner for all types of sanitary wares, ceramic bowls and pans.
  • The solution does not have any harmful chemicals and has active micro organisms which controls odor emitted from restroom receptacles and cleans the surfaces very effectively.

  • Advanced Biological Treatment for restroom drains and floor traps.
  • Digests salt depositions and body oil / fat based dirt, eliminates clogging and restores free flow
  • Organic and neutral solution that does not damages the drain lines.

For Residential Applications

  • Useful for hard surfaces: Floors, Glass & Mirrors, Kitchen & Bathroom sinks and Household fixtures.
  • Active microorganism based natural Degreaser, Cleaner and Odor Controller

  • Specially formulated solution suitable for areas like Hospitals, Kitchen areas and Dining areas.
  • Non bacterial natural cleaner meant for Cleaning and Degreasing hard surfaces. Welcome to ekam solution

  • Organic and neutral bacterial culture that doesn’t damage kitchen drain lines and grease traps. 
  • Breaks complex chains of fatty acids & oil into water. Welcome to ekam solution

  • Wide range of application areas like Carpet & Upholstery, Car Interiors, Restroom & Public areas, Laundry & Locker Rooms, Fitness Facilities.
  • Deep cleans the pores of surfaces, degrades residual organic matter and eliminates persistent mal-odor by destroying the source.

  • Effective in Garbage Collection Areas, Waste Collection Areas, Flood & Fire Odors
  • Degrades volatile Amines and Mercaptans.
  • Selectively adapted bacteria in the formulation is very effective in controlling odor. The formulation does not have any artificial fragrance.
  • Effective in Garbage Collection Areas, Waste Collection Areas, Flood & Fire Odors
  • Diluted, ready to use formulation of Odo Care Concentrate.
  • Formulation eliminates the bad odor and creates natural & neutral environment without any artificial fragrance.

For Sewage Treatment

  • Designed for STP, ETP and On-Site Wastewater Treament Facilities.
  • Reduces odor and surface scum in 24 to 48 hours, accompanied by reduction in solids, BOD and Total Suspended Solids (TSS).
  • Controls the COD, helps in saving energy and reduces excess sludge generation.
  • Designed especially for Sump Tanks, Collection Systems and Septic Tanks.
  • Reduces BOD and controls COD & Total Suspended Solids (TSS).
  • Reduces the scavenging of septic tank cycles 8-10 times by degrading Fats, Oil, Grease, Starch, Proteins, Triglycerides, Foaming Surfactant, Soap, Phenols and Amines.

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