Ekam represents Oneness and Unity

Water Abundance | Improved Health & Hygiene | Circular Economy

Ekam Eco Solutions, founded in 2013, is a research spin-off of IIT Delhi’s works on Sanitation.  Over five thousand man hours of research on Sanitation forms the backbone of this organization. Ekam is a Sanskrit word meaning Oneness and Interconnectedness. Ekam’s approach is based on the fundamental principles of Happiness, Simplicity and Positivity. Ekam focuses on developing sustainable technologies and solutions to conserves water and convert waste into resource using natural means.

Stop the Flush

In a year, every modern flush urinal uses enough water that can quench the thirst of 14 families in Rajasthan for the complete year.

Pay Ecological Debt

Ekam is Unity & Oneness, in Sanskrit. It’s okay to milk mother nature. But we must take care of what we have. Hence, it essential we rejuvenate the well we borrow from.

Minimize Sewage

29,000 Million Liters of waste generated by Municipal waste water systems can provide fertilizers for the agricultural sector.

Nothing is Waste

What is useless to one, can be food to other. For example, human #PeePee is excellent for growing tomatoes in your garden. We wish to put the nutrients back to good use and create circular economy.

Make Cleaning Safe

Chemical based cleaning agents are “carcinogenic”. Why should we still use them when organic cleaning solutions work?

Design 4 Simplicity

Learning from Nature is important to us. It teaches us simplicity, unison, frugality and doing more with less. We aspire to create green products that are easy to use.



Research on human urine started as part of a college project at IIT Delhi



Zerodor Waterless Urinal was invented



Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 28th of May



Zerodor, Ekam's first product was launched commercially



Over 700+ happy corporate customers across India and Africa

Technology doesn’t bring Innovation. People do.
Meet our team of sustainability experts and product designers passionate to build a cleaner and healthier world.

Founding Team

Uttam Banerjee
Co-founder, CEO

Uttam Banerjee studied Product Design at IIT Delhi and has won several awards for his designs. With over 14 years of Corporate & Startup experience, Uttam oversees Product Development, Management and Marketing.

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Sachin Joshi
Co-founder, COO

Sachin Joshi is a savvy engineering manager and has managed large projects at Crompton Greaves previously. With over 20 years of corporate experience, he handles the Planning & Operations at Ekam.

Dr. V M Chariar
Co-founder, Chief Strategist

Dr. Chariar teaches at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and is a Fulbright Visiting Professor at Arizona State University. With over 22 years of research and project experience, Dr. Chariar oversees Partnerships and Outreach.

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Advisors & Well Wishers


Yogesh Andlay

Yogesh built Nucleus Software scrappily and famously took it public in 1995 when its IPO was oversubscribed 4 times. He knows how to build a bootstrapping business in India and guides Ekam’s team on strategy.


R Sakthivel

Ramesh has made a significant contribution in research that led to the invention of Zerodor. He is a civil engineer with 20+ years of experience with water & sanitation projects in India. He is a technology advisor at Ekam.


Kannan N

Kannan has over 20 years of experience in funding, investing,incubating and starting small businesses. Kannan is passionate about sustainable technologies and guides Ekam’s team on Finance.


A Bhardwaj

Anand has over 30 years of experience in the media and advertising industry. He’s known to build excellent marketing & business development teams. He advises Ekam’s team on sales & marketing.


Dileep Patil

Dileep served as the Chief Technology Officer at Crompton Greaves and runs his own consulting firm now. His experience at an R&D driven organization helps guide Ekam’s team on strategy, operations and product development.