Waterless Urinals

Zerodor is a completely non-consumable and non-chemical based mechanical device. The device is a patented design which solves a typical contradiction of “ The liquid should pass but the gas should not pass”. The device is… Read More


Anti Scaling Agent

Uree Clean does exactly the same by leaching out with every urination cycle in small amounts, it dissociates algae, cough and human body extracts flown with urine. It also acts as surfactant for small solid… Read More


We provide a good scientifically design kiosk with any of the materials said above. The urinals kiosk can be constructed as 2, 3, 4 or any numbers of urinals in a block depending on the space available and amount of foot fall… Read More



MoTo stands for Modular Toilets and are made up of Glass Reinforced Concrete / Textile Reinforced Concrete. These structures are very light weight, modular and easy to handle. With MoTo panels, a toilet structure can be easily built in couple of hours. Read More



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CONSIDERATIONS: Water used per flush conservatively = 1 litre.

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About Ekam

Ekam Eco Solutions is a sanitation startup based out of IIT Delhi’s Technology Business Incubator.

Ekam, founded in 2013, is a research spin off company – over five thousand man hours of research on sanitation forms the backbone of this startup.

Ekam’s approach is based on the fundamental principles of Happiness, Simplicity and Positivity.
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